Surprising Goat And Tiger Friendship Finally Comes To An End

When Amur the tiger befriended Timur the fearless goat, who was supposed to be given to Amur as live food, we all wondered how this unusual friendship would end.

Now, after eight weeks of peacefully sharing living quarters, the two have parted ways. But why? It was all going so well.

The last time we checked in on Timur and Amur, their story had spread across the globe, and the zoo had signed deals to make them the stars of not one, but two documentaries.

On Tuesday Dmitry Mezentsev, the owner of Russia's Far East Zoo, announced plans to bring Timur into his own enclosure, separate from the home he's been sharing with the tiger.

"We have decided to fulfill two tasks - to carry out Timur's veterinary checks and to keep him safe from possible changes in the male tiger's behavior," Mezentsev told the TASS Russian news agency.

Since entering Amur's den, Timur has gained 45 pounds, which has become a health concern to the caretakers at the zoo. "Timur's problem is obesity," Mezentsev continued.

The other concern - that Amur's affection for Timur may suddenly change - has to do with timing. The female tigers have entered their mating period, and this could cause Amur to become more aggressive. The zoo fears that this change in behavior could cost Timur his life ... something the zoo wasn't very concerned about in November. After all, they did offer him to Amur as food.

But times have changed since then. The duo is now an internationally recognized commodity for the zoo, which has gone so far as to apply to trademark the Russian and English names of each animal.

While the friends are currently separated, the two could be reunited at some point in the future. Mezentsev said they would remain apart until the situation changes.

What's next for Timur and Amur?

For now, it's uncertain whether they'll ever frolic through their enclosure together again. The goat who entered the tiger's den and shook up the monotony of life in captivity is now gone. After eight weeks of discovering a new friendship, the first chapter in the story of Timur and Amur has come to a close.