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Feast Your Eyes On This Never-Ending Parade Of Speedy Wildlife

Parades of humans are great - but we're marathon runners, not sprinters, with Usain Bolt holding the record at about 23 mph. For the true speed demons, look under brush and between the trees.

This rhino? He could hit a top speed of 28 mph.


Find the lion at a fierce 50 mph.

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Elephants, despite their bulk, clock in at a respectable 14 mph (about the same as a squirrel).

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Or take a gander at this goose: 40 to 50 mph.


The cheetah, of course, is the master: a blistering 64 mph.


At 68 mph, sailfish are the cheetahs of the sea. Smaller fish, however, don't pack as much horsepower, though they do make impressive schools:


(The world record for a frog, however, is about 0.5 mph over 110 yards.)


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