Girl Reunites With Lost Dog After Her Tearful Plea Goes Viral

She's so happy to have him back.

Madison Wallace and her family got the happy ending they were hoping for.

Less than a week after the 5-year-old girl's heartfelt plea for help finding her missing dog went viral online, Madison has been reunited with the pet she thought she might never see again.

Last Monday, the Wallaces' beloved dog, Buddy, managed to escape from the backyard of their home in Akron, Ohio.

Unfortunately, the dog was not wearing a collar at the time, nor was he microchipped — so the family turned to social media for help tracking him down.

Madison's mom, Laurie, posted to Facebook asking folks in the area to keep an eye out for Buddy, but evidently her daughter wanted to let everyone know how important it was for her to get her dog back.

In a video included in that post, a tearful Madison pleaded for her dog's safe return.

"If you find Buddy, please bring him home," she said.

Within days, the little girl's touching message to her community went viral — racking up nearly 11 million views online.

Thankfully, all that attention Madison's video received paid off.

On Saturday, the Wallaces were contacted by a woman who had actually found Buddy on the very night he'd escaped, and had been keeping him safe until his family could be located.

With that, Madison and Buddy were reunited.

While Buddy's story has a happy ending, it goes to show the importance of microchipping pets (which would have made it much easier to find his home).

After all, when the well-being of a furry family member is on the line, it's always best to be prepared.

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