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This Little Girl Just Learned The Truth About Cats

"She was not happy."

There comes a time in every animal lover's life when they must come to terms with the true nature of cats. That is to say, of course, that they can sometimes be jerks - tempting an offer of feline affection as if just to see our reaction when they take it away.

This little girl named Catherine recently learned that lesson while out for a stroll through the neighborhood. Her mother, Holly, explains in her blog post "Reasons my toddler was crying":

"She saw an adorable outdoor calico cat, which we happened to follow with our stroller. The cat sauntered away like cats do and ignored her, slipping through the fencing before she could pet the kitty."

Catherine didn't take it well.

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"I told her the cat went bye bye, we'll see it again sometime soon," Holly tells The Dodo. "'Bye kitty cat! Bye bye!' I said. But she was not happy about that."

The cat, safely beyond reach, continued to torment the devastated toddler.

"She could still see him on the other side of the fence staring at her," Holly says.

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Fortunately, young Catherine wasn't upset for long. Just moments later, her attention moved on to a playful squirrel running near a tree. (But he didn't let her pet him, either.)

Despite these little setbacks, Catherine's still very much a lover of animals. In fact, she's got three cats and a dog at home to help get over what that stubborn neighborhood cat did.

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In the end, though, the lesson of that day was a good one to learn. Truth is, while cats aren't always so cooperative - we can still love them anyway.

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