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Giant Dog Is Perfect Hide-And-Seek Partner For Little Girl

Sebastian the Newfoundland and his buddy Sierra have found a delightful game to help them pass the time: hide-and-seek!

Sebastian is very patient when it comes to seeking. He politely waits until Sierra tells him she's ready before beginning his hide-and-seek investigation.

(YouTube: Rumble Viral)

Hmmm... she doesn't seem to be behind the Christmas tree ... or in the living room ...

(YouTube: Rumble Viral)

Sebastian tries the bathroom, to see if he'll have better luck there.

Nope, no Sierra in here!

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Aha! Finally, Sebastian finds his sneaky little friend hiding behind the couch, with a handful of yummy dog treats, no less.

(YouTube: Rumble Viral)

But even fun-filled games can be tiresome occasionally, so Sebastien and Sierra sometimes take a break from their hide-and-seek antics to enjoy a nice tea party.


... Though Sebastian can get a tad impatient if he has to wait for his tea.

Newfoundlands are very sweet and gentle dogs, and are known for being especially good with children, despite some of their health issues. The baby-sitting dog "Nana" from J. M. Barrie's 1904 play, "Peter Pan," was actually written to be a Newfoundland (though the play is a bit of an exaggeration of the dog's doting caretaker tendencies). Even with especially good-natured dogs, it is always necessary to take proper steps when socializing a dog and a child, and to make sure they are closely supervised when playing.

You can watch the delightful hide-and-seek game below:

(YouTube: Rumble Viral)

You can also see more of Sierra and Sebastian's home movies here!