Someone Created A Bear Sleeping Bag For All Your Hibernation Needs

Sometimes the world's just too much.

Many of us probably take great pride in our bedtime comforts, from our animal themed sheets to the coziness of our onsies, but this creation takes sleeping to a whole new level.

Someone has created a gigantic bear sleeping bag and everything about it is absolutely perfect.

Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa is the brilliant mind behind this sleeping bag, called the "Great Sleeping Bear," which is exactly what it sounds like: a gigantic plush bear you can sleep inside of. I mean, hey, bears seem to have the whole sleeping thing down pretty well, so taking snooze cues from them can't be all bad, right?

Ishizawa was inspired to make the bear sleeping bag after hearing a true story about a bear, back in 2006, who was causing problems in the Italian Alps and eventually hunted down.

"By having the experience of transitional discoveries like finding a bear, realizing a little human face in his mouth, and recognizing details and shape of this commodity, I attempt to create this work as to be a medium for audiences to generate one's transitional perceptions and fantasies in reality," Ishizawa wrote about the project.

Basically, if you've always wanted to know what it feels like to be a gigantic, hibernating bear - now's your chance.

Of course, you're going to have to break the bank a little bit. This incredible sleeping bag costs $2,350. But, dreams are priceless, right?

If you're brave enough to shell out the money though, you can purchase this beary fun creation online here.