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Abused Dog Born Without Paws Is Living His Best Life

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If you want to see the living definition of gumption, take a look at North Shore Animal League America Sponsorship Pet: G.I. Joey. With his glistening eyes, his over-the-top ears, and his patent leather nose, G.I. Joey is as cute as puppies come. Full of affection and play, he hasn't the slightest idea there's anything "wrong" with him.

But look again, and you'll see that something is heartbreakingly wrong with this little pup. Born without his front paws, this darling chihuahua-dachshund is the victim of incredibly irresponsible breeding and truly callous indifference. In September 2015, county officials in North Carolina removed him and his sweet brother, Bullet, from a harsh and neglectful home. At that point, one of our North Carolina rescue allies, PARTNERS! Canines, took Joey and Bullet, as fosters - and then turned to us for help.

North Shore Animal League

North Shore Animal League

The first picture we saw of Joey closed the deal, and he and Bullet were on their way to Long Island. Our medical professionals immediately recognized Joey's condition as congenital. The people who bred him were fully aware that this hereditary defect existed in his parents. Dr. Mark Verdino, Vice President and Chief of Veterinary Staff, calls such breeding "cruel and unethical."

We've neutered Joey and Bullet, as we do all of our Mutt-i-grees, but in this case it was doubly important: not only to address the issue of pet overpopulation, but also to prevent this defect from being passed to future generations.

Lucky Bullet is perfectly healthy and ready for a responsible, loving family to take him home. Joey, on the other hand, is now a part of our Sponsor Program. With your monthly support, we'll provide him with a comfortable mobility cart and all the TLC he needs to adjust to his new way of life. As one of our Sponsor Pets, Joey will have our full support from here on.

Given his positive attitude and wonderful spirit, we're confident that Joey will make a great adjustment and eventually become a treasured member of a special, caring family. He's already become a staff favorite. Despite his limitations, Joey manages to scoot around by "army crawling" (hence his name), as his tail and little butt wag like crazy. He'll also hold himself upright, batting his favorite kennel managers for attention.

North Shore Animal League

North Shore Animal League

Because of his birth defect, Joey will require special handling and assistance for the rest of his life. Our veterinarians report that his general health is excellent and that he's "super sweet." We can't wait to see him in his cart so he can go on walks and explore his world.

To support G.I. Joey on his road to recovery, you can become this little dog's Sponsor Program pet parent. If you would like to see little Joey grow into the happy, healthy dog that we know he can be, visit the North Shore Animal League America Sponsorship Page.