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She Searched Desperately For An Owner Who Didn't Want Her Back

Fourteen years buys a lot of loyalty from a dog.

Once Gert, a gentle, gray-muzzled senior dog, was unceremoniously dumped on the streets of Long Island, New York, she did what came naturally and began looking for her owner's scent.

She sniffed those streets for days, according to a Facebook post by Desperate Dogs of Manhattan.

She was finally hauled in by the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. But where Gert failed in finding her owner's scent, shelter staff succeeded all too well.

The person who answered the phone had just a few heartbreaking words for the shelter:

You must have the wrong number.

"One look in her eyes, you can see all the love she has to give," a shelter volunteer wrote in the Facebook post. "A sweet, calm laid back dog, whose owner no longer wanted her. All we can ask ... is why."

Although, she had a few numbers working against her - she's 14 and the odds of an abandoned old dog leaving a U.S. shelter are never promising - it turned out, Gert's number was far from up.

She was adopted to a forever home on Saturday.

Please support groups like Desperate Dogs of Long Island who find homes for dogs like Gert every day.

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