George Clooney Gave Away His Latest Rescue Dog — To Very Special People

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Last Christmas, George and Amal Clooney adopted a rescue terrier, Nate, from LuvFurMutts Animal Rescue in Cincinnati, Ohio.

But they had very special plans for him: Clooney surprised his parents with the lucky pup - and they're digging their new lives together.

"They brought him on and now he's the love of their lives," Clooney told ET News. "They love him."

"He's very famous in my mom and dad's hometown of Augusta, Kentucky," Clooney continued. "He's gone from a shelter in Cincinnati to fame - much like I did, really." (Clooney grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, and attended schools in both Kentucky and Ohio.)

Nate, who was rescued from a severe hoarding case, came at the perfect time for Nick and Nina Clooney, who had recently lost their dog of 10 years to illness.

"I kept saying to my dad, 'You're going to adopt another dog,' because they've always sort of found them wandering on the street. And he said 'No, no, never again. I'm done with this.' So I knew they needed a dog and he wasn't going to take one [himself]," Clooney told ET.

So Clooney called up LuvFurMutts and asked them to deliver Nate to his parents' home on Christmas Eve. It was love at first sight, of course.

George and Amal already have two rescue dogs of their own: Millie the basset hound and Louie the cocker spaniel.

All three pups' stories are proof that - even if you have money to spare - it's always best to adopt.

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