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Genius Backpack Lets You Take Your Dog On All Your Adventures

Leaving your dogs behind when you have to go places is never fun, and if you could take them everywhere, you totally would.

And now, you can.

A new backpack with little holes for your dog's paws allows you to easily carry your dog around on your back, and take him with you wherever you need to go.

With this backpack, you really can take your dog anywhere, whether you're traveling by train ...

... by bike ...

... or even by motorcycle.

It's also perfect for dogs who love to hike and see the world ...

... but their little legs get way too tired to go very far.

You can even bring along two dogs at once, if you get a little creative.

It's pretty exciting that we can now bring dogs anywhere ...

... and the dogs are even more excited than we are.

Like, a LOT more.

The backpack is called the K9 Sport Sack, and costs $59.95.

Want to take your cat on adventures too? Check out a similar invention just for cats!

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