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Ingenious Bed Includes A Cozy Place For Your Pet To Sleep

There are many factors to keep in mind when shopping for a new mattress, like the size, firmness and level of comfort - but here's one you probably didn't consider: Does it have a cozy nook for your snookums to sleep in?

Thanks to this genius pet friendly design, the answer to that question can be YES.

Mattress sets from Colchão Inteligente, a manufacturer based in Brazil, look pretty much identical to those found elsewhere, except for one small difference. Upon request, the company will install a little cubby in the box spring that's perfect for your small dog or cat.

The bed for pets features a luxurious satin pillow interior, framed by a tasteful little curtain. For cleaning purposes, the whole unit is removable.

We can't attest to its coziness, but here are a few furry nappers who seem quite satisfied.

Unfortunately, these genius beds are currently available only in South America, but that soon will change. Colchão Inteligente confirmed to ABC News that it will soon begin manufacturing them in the United States as well.