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Goat Just Wants To Hang Out With His Kangaroos

Sure, Gary the Goat isn't technically a kangaroo - but don't you dare go telling him that.

His friends certainly see nothing wrong with having him around.

No one knows for certain how the handsome, horned farm animal came to be part of a group of wild kangaroos living in Australia, but that's what happened - and he fits in remarkably well.

The odd arrangement has made the goat a local celebrity of sorts around south Adelaide, where folks passing by are sometimes lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him prancing along through a field with his hopping 'roo buddies.

Just look at him go!

Today Tonight Adelaide

It's hard to imagine a more endearing sight than Gary the Goat hanging out with his unlikely pals.

Unfortunately, though, all is not well in the land they call home.

A government agency, called Renewal SA, is planning to turn the 42-acre property where they live into a housing development. Residents, alerted to the issue, have since launched a petition aimed at preserving the land - and the good thing Gary and the kangaroos have going.

Someone even started a Facebook page, the goal of which is plainly stated: Leave Gary the Goat alone. It has amassed around 5,000 followers so far.

Elsewhere, supporters have taken to the streets urging that the land be protected because it's so unique, what with "Gary and his kangaroo mates" and all.

Local zoning issues in Australia are rarely the purview of a global audience, but for Gary the Goat's sake, it's something the world could really get behind.

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