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Now THIS Is An Outdoor Cat

Think you're well-traveled? Then you haven't met Gandalf the cat.

While many cats are perfectly content with the same old haunts - that couch cushion is pretty soft, let's be honest - Gandalf has a serious case of kitty wanderlust.

"We first saw Gandalf in a pet hospital in downtown Seoul, South Korea," Gandalf's owners told The Dodo. (The family now lives in California.) "He was tiny and precious with a cute little meow."

"We knew he needed to come with us," they added.

The curious Siberian cat started going outside on a leash when he was around 8 weeks old. "He was so impressed with all the landscapes and smells," his family said.

So, naturally, they decided to take Gandalf, now 2 years old, on a tour of America's national parks.

The family's fall road trip brought them to nine states and four national parks, and up the coast of California.

"We think his favorites have been the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and the Mendocino County redwoods," Gandalf's family reported.

"He loves the birds and all the views and the smells," they said. "His face may not fully express his enjoyment, but his enthusiasm tells it all!"

Of course, Gandalf loves chill time as much as the next cat. When the trip was over, he took some much-needed naps ...

... and joyously celebrated the holidays with his family.

We can't wait for Gandalf's next adventure.