I dream of animals almost every night, some mundane, some mystical, I'll share the most recent mystical one:

"I had rescued a small kitten with wire around her neck. I removed the wire, and took the little creature to my friend Kathryn who was staying in run-down decaying Caribbean hotel, she told me of a tour guide who looked like an orangutan and had peculiar way of comparing everything he pointed out to 1960s floral design. I had just fed and washed the kitten, when another cat arrived through the window, a black fluffy cat, with markings that looked like galaxies and nebula.

The little rescued kitten and I were beguiled by the galaxy cat, and I followed him out the window and down a long jungle like vine that grew up the outside spiral fire-escape, I climbed down the "jack-beanstalk –vine" with the cats ahead of me and landed in a Haitian women's garden, she shouted and scolded me: "Don't be treading on me flowers!!!", I asked: "Have you seen the galaxy cat?" She replied: "I don't care for no space age cats, now off with ya, you brute!" I ran and ran and found myself in an open field, and ran further over a hill to find a small campsite, where I discovered my friend Taryn, her husband Luke and their little son Jude (my Godson, who has a special affinity with animals, and could perhaps be the next St. Francis of Assisi). They were so happy to see me, and I was delighted to have found them.

I told them of the galaxy cat, and Jude said: "I sent him to go find you! He is a worm-hole cat, he bends space and time to bring you here... come listen... Mommy has a story to show us". Just then Taryn revealed a story booklet she had made. The story showed (in beautiful illustrated detail) how a Ram had used his intuitive love force to tame three wild wolves and a Polar Bear, and how we should try refine this same force in ourselves.