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Fun Facts About The Most Common Pests in the Property – Part 2

Our homes are our sanctuaries, so it's quite important to keep them safe from any kind of dangers. The most common pests in the property are one of them. If we don't do anything, they can conquer everything.

In the first part of our article we examined some of the most common pests in every property. But, like everything in our nature, there are also lots of kinds of pests and fun facts about them. This is why only one article can't cover them all. But now it's time to see some of the other kinds, so we can be prepared to deal with them too. Here are they.

The spiders are actually not so bad. But I'm talking about the regular household ones, of course. They just sit around, knit their webs and don't harm anyone around them. They can be even very useful and helpful, because they capture and eat many other common pests in your property, like wasps and flies. The only problem with the spiders is that they cause fear in many people. It's understandable, because they have eight legs and usually four pairs of eyes. This is a quite stressing vision, so many people just try to get rid of them as soon as they notice their appearance. If you're a big humanitarian, you'll just catch the spider and release it outside in the wild. But most people prefer to just kill them or spray them with a chemical of some kind. The stores offer many options.

Fun fact: Spiders eat more insects than bats and birds combined.


The bedbugs are probably one of the most dangerous and common pests in a property. Many people think that their name comes from the fact that they live in beds. But the truth is that these disgusting little creatures live in cracks and holes around the house. The most terrifying fact about them is that they feed exclusively on blood. Which means that we and our pets are on their menu every single day. At night, when everyone is sleeping tight, they come out of their holes, and get right into our beds, to bite us and feed. This makes them extremely dangerous for the entire home and it's very important to get rid of them as soon as possible. They also carry a lot of different diseases, and it's really easy to get sick when they bite you every single night. In order to get rid of them, it would be good to just call a professional pest control company to get rid of them once and for all.

Fun fact: Bed bugs will not jump from the floor to the bed because they can't fly.

The cockroaches are definitely one of the most disgusting little creatures on our planet. They are really tough and can live up to a month after their head has been cut off! And they die out of hunger! Can you even imagine that? They usually don't harm people, but they carry a lot of unpleasant diseases. They can come to a house in many different ways – they can use the front door or even the sewers. They come to a house when they feel it's dirty and untidy. They like houses where they can find food on the floor. This is why, if you want to keep them away, you should clean the house very thoroughly. Otherwise, you can just buy some drastic solutions from every store.

Fun fact: A cockroach can live almost a month without food.

The moth is a kind of a night time butterfly. Most people like butterflies, but they hate this particular kind. The main reason is because the moths like to eat people's clothes. They settle in someone's wardrobe or closet, and eat everything they can find there. The result is that our clothes have a lot of specific holes in them. Nobody likes this, because we work hard to buy our beautiful clothes and accessories. This is why there are plenty of powders and sprays on the market, which are designed specifically to repel and kill these unpleasant pests.

Fun fact: Some moths have no mouths and don't eat.