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Frightened Baby Fox Tangled In Football Net Gets A Helping Hand

A baby fox found himself in a scary and confusing situation when he wandered into a torn football net in a backyard. Luckily, someone saw the little guy's predicament and called their local Wildlife Aid to come assist the fox.

The team responded to the call, and found the little fox struggling desperately to free himself from the net, which was wrapped tightly around several of his legs and his neck.

The rescuers set about cutting the little kit out of the net, which was no easy feat, as the net had become snarled in the fox's struggle for escape.

Slowly but surely, the baby fox was freed from his entanglement. The fox remained mostly still through the process, as Wildlife Aid rescuers suspected he was in "shock."

One of the fox's legs was apparently numb after being stuck in the net for so long, and the small creature couldn't stand on his own. One of the Wildlife Aid helped worked to get the circulation going again by rubbing the fox's leg and paw.

Soon enough, the baby fox was able to stand and scampered off through a hole in the fence (hopefully to find his mom).

Red foxes have been known to frequent populated and urban areas, and they generally pose no danger to humans. If anything, it can be the other way around. It is important to take certain precautions to make sure smaller foxes do not get stuck in trash and the like. As Wildlife Aid says on their video, "All of this could have been avoided by simply rolling up the net or putting it away."

If you see a fox in any sort of distress, calling one of your local wildlife rescue services should always be the first course of action. The Humane Society of the United States has some tips on how to coexist peacefully with urban foxes.

Watch the entirety of the (admittedly adorable) rescue below:

(YouTube: Wildlife Aid)