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Man Ditches Morning Prayer ... To Chase Runaway Piglet

Imagine this: One tiny (and probably scared) little pig weaving in and out of traffic with a group of people chasing after her, the collective rescue effort lead by none other than a friar.

That was the scene Tuesday morning in San Francisco, California, and it was definitely an abnormal start to the day for Brother Damian, a member of the Society of St. Francis. The Franciscan friar was in the middle of a morning prayer service when he was alerted to the pig running amok just outside and knew he had to take action.

He left the prayer service and led a group of other Good Samaritans in the chase. "It was a quick little piglet," Brother Damian told SF Gate.

Eventually, the piglet was scooped up and saved from any serious harm. She was named Janice, and now resides at the San Francisco Department of Animal Care and Control. Officials don't yet know where her home is or how she escaped from it.

If no one steps up to claim her in five days, she will be given to an animal rescue.

"It's just another day at the office for us," Virginia Donohue, executive director at Animal Care and Control told SF Gate. "We're here to shelter all types of animals - piglets included."

Luckily for this little piggy, she ended up in the right pair of arms.