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Free Sunder! Petition Launched After Undercover Investigation

An undercover investigation by PETA this week has revealed shocking footage of an handler beating a 14-year-old elephant with a stick in India, driving outraged viewers to start a petition calling for for the animal to be retired to a sanctuary.

This is the latest in a widely publicized case that has continued for years for the male elephant, named Sunder, who was given as a gift to a temple in Kolhapur, India, and kept chained there and abused for six years. But when the Maharashtra Forest Department and Project Elephant ordered the temple to send him to a sanctuary in 2012 -- but he was instead sent to what PETA calls an "old dark poultry shed in Warananagar," where the video was filmed.

Sunder's case has previously been championed by the likes of Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson, both of whom have called on the Indian government to relocate him. The new petition is aimed at getting the elephant transferred to theWildlife SOS elephant sanctuary in Mathura. You can sign the petition here.

The video can be seen on PETA's YouTube page [WARNING: Contains disturbing images].