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Free Rein Part 2 - Prospero’s Encore


"Walking through an auction is an eye-opening experience. People bring all breeds and ages of horses for all kinds of reasons. Some of the horses there were merely the result of an owner in financial hardship looking for a fast sale. Many horses seemed healthy, and some were even saddled to prove that they were trained and rideable. "Prospero" was one of the horses who was at the auction for the opposite reason. When I found him I made the difficult decision to take the chance on a horse who was underweight, tired, and potentially ill. No one else was going to take him home, and I knew he was destined to end up in a feed lot unless I bought him. The day at the auction was by far the most stressful for me. The negative attention the film crew attracted by onlookers was intense. Yet Prospero amazingly seemed to understand what we were trying to do for him – as he followed my lead everywhere without hesitation. His recovery was slow, and at times I felt as though we would take one step forward and three steps back. I was glad to have a wonderful vet to assist with his acute health issues. We were successful in rehabilitating him because we had so much support from Riva's Remedies in strengthening his immune system and digging deeper into his hidden ailments. Prospero's success story is just the beginning of his journey, and I'm glad we were able to give him the Encore he deserved." - Jessica Fobert