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Free Rein #doyoulovehorses

FREE REIN, the new TV Pilot all about Holistic Horsemanship on Oasis HD

Over thousands of years, our relationship with the horse has evolved from predatory to partnership. Once omnipresent in mythology, war and agriculture, we now commodify horses as playthings, status symbols and investments. Throughout history, the horse's wild spirit has survived domestication and continues to inspire our imagination.

FREE REIN assembles a rich collection of personal stories and soul-searching horse adventures. Hosted by Jessica Fobert, this half-hour program takes audiences on an adventure of natural horsemanship, personal discovery and equestrian communication that celebrates the timeless connection between horses and humans. An enthusiastic practitioner of holistic horsemanship, Jessica guides us to a heightened awareness of the horse psyche...and of ourselves.

Watch all three parts as Jessica explores different aspects of horse/human connections: horse rescue, equine facilitated therapy and problem-solving through communication.

Free Rein Part 1 - Bellator's Voice

Free Rein Part 2 - Prospero's Encore

Part 2 - Prospero's Encore: Jessica rescues a horse from a livestock auction. Horses are often the victims of neglect and inhumane treatment; they're chronically overworked, undernourished, and ultimately abandoned at auction where most are sold for meat. Jessica tends to the day-to-day rehabilitation of Prospero - a mixed-breed draft horse - and nurses him back to health in body AND mind.

Free Rein Part 3 - Horse Connections

Part 3 - Horse Connections: A young boy is rescued by a horse when he joins the herd. With the help of horses trained for therapeutic exercises with humans, 12-year old Olin overcomes his separation anxieties and builds self-confidence. Jessica witnesses the healing power of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy at Horse Spirit Connections.

All three segments are online now for viewing and sharing on YouTube, and the pilot in it's entirety will be broadcast on Oasis HD during their free preview month on December 16th, at 9 pm.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @FreeReinHD and visit our website at www.FreeReinHD.com for contact information.