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Terrified Fox Tormented By Group Of Cruel Teenagers

On Monday night, police in Middlesborough, England, were shocked when they were called to rescue an injured fox - who had purposely been targeted by a group of teenagers.

The alleged teenagers were amused by the fox's suffering, and set their dog on the innocent fox. The fox was absolutely terrified when police found him, and had puncture wounds all over his body.

"Witnesses describe how the teenagers chased and cornered it before encouraging the dog to attack," Coulby Newham and South Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Police Team wrote on its Facebook page.



The RSPCA was called, and took the fox to see a vet immediately. "Fortunately he wasn't injured and after a night at the vets was given a clean bill of health," a spokesperson with the RSPCA told The Dodo.

After rescuers ensured that the fox, later named Bert, was 100 percent OK, he was released back into the wild.

Anyone with information about the incident can call inspector Lucy Hoehne of the RSPCA at 0300-123-8018.