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Fox Confuses Sheets With Snow, Has A Blast Anyway

With all the winter weather happening lately, many animals have been taking advantage and frolicking in the snow - and this fox really, REALLY wanted in on all the fun.

Juniper the fox was hanging out at home when her owner captured a video of her discovering something incredible: snow ... or so she thought.

The stuff Juniper found was white and fluffy, and while she was a little confused about just how much this snow seemed to resemble bed sheets, she didn't let that stop her from having a blast with it anyway.

Winter seems to be Juniper's favorite season and she's SUPER ready for it, from her snow-playing skills ...

... to her favorite winter sweater.

Hopefully, she'll be able to find some real snow to play with soon. Until then, sheets seem to be working just fine.

While we don't know this little gal's situation, it's not the best to keep wild animals as pets. If you find an injured or abandoned wild animal, you can check out this link to learn more about what to do.