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Woman Asks Her Husband If They Can Adopt A Bunny — And They End Up With 4

"He sucked my husband into the world of bunnies HARD."

When Brittany Strachota's now husband accepted a new job in a different state, she said she would go with him on one condition: She wanted to adopt a rabbit. He agreed, and neither of them had any idea that one rabbit would eventually turn into a lifelong love and obsession.

Shortly after moving to Seattle, the couple adopted a bunny named Charles from Special Bunny, a rescue that focuses on bunnies with special needs.

"He sucked my husband into the world of bunnies HARD," Strachota told The Dodo. "He was the best companion for which one could ask, following me upstairs into bed every night and sprinting down to his litter box in the morning."

Not long after adopting Charles, Strachota began volunteering with Special Bunny, where she met George. She'd been wanting to adopt a friend for Charles but hadn't found a bunny he'd gotten along well with. Until George.

"I had been in the market for a friend for Charles, but dates hadn't gone well," Strachota said. "George returned to the shelter from a brief stint in a foster home and we thought, 'Why not try?' George groomed him from nose to tail. My heart melted."

Strachota arranged a final meeting between the two bunnies to ensure a good fit - but then tragedy struck. Charles became seriously ill and passed away a day later. The couple was heartbroken, and decided to adopt George in memory of Charles, as he was the only bunny who had gotten along with Charles.

Charles and George started a chain reaction of sorts, and it wasn't long before three more bunnies joined their little family.

Arwen, who was rescued by Special Bunny at the same time as George, became a foster fail. She loves getting into trouble and finds doing things she's not supposed to do absolutely hilarious.

"Arwen can best be described as big, bootiful, and neurotic," Strachota said. "One of her favorite games is called Elevator and is played with my husband. He kneels on all fours parallel to the upper level of her castle, she hops on to his back, he lowers her down, she hops off."

Next came Alice, who was rescued after someone posted an ad on Craigslist, saying he couldn't care for her anymore. She was adopted as a companion for George, and the two are now inseparable. She's capable of clearing a 4-foot tall gate, and loves knocking things out of her parents' hands.

"We joke that Alice suffers from major FOMO," Strachota said. "She is ready to investigate any sound, new object, movement, what have you. She MUST be involved."

After Alice joined the family and bonded with George, Strachota decided that Arwen might want a friend, too. She hates change, though, and so Strachota decided to take her to Special Bunny and let her pick out a new friend herself. That's where she met Mumble.

"He had a family for 4-5 years, but they sent him to a petting zoo when they were 'done' with him," Strachota said. "The petting zoo made them take him back because he was so utterly terrified. Eventually, he was surrendered to Special Bunny. How could I not try to give him a friend and a quiet home?"

Mumble and Arwen hit it off, and so he became the fourth and final member of the bunny crew.

Now, Strachota and her husband's house is filled with bunnies. Mumble and Arwen live in the basement in Arwen's castle (because she overheats easily and it's cooler downstairs). Alice and George live upstairs. Each bunny pair spends most of their time cuddling, playing and causing mischief.

"George is the biggest snuggler on the planet," Strachota said. "He joins me in bed some mornings, arms over my own arm, my face in the side of his chest. I think he could live on love alone."

George and Alice follow each other everywhere, and Alice even accompanies George to the vet when he needs some emotional support. Arwen and Mumble are a little less cuddly with each other, but still love hanging out, especially destroying paper towels together side by side.

Strachota and her husband originally only wanted one bunny, but through Charles and Special Bunny, fell in love with everything the furry little guys have to offer, and will now be bunny people forever.