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These Lab Mice Were Going To Be Killed β€” Then Heroes Stepped In

The difference between "valueless" and "priceless" is all a matter of perspective - just ask Pinky, Brain, Miss Bianca and Tanya.

Beagle Freedom Project

The four mice were rescued recently from a laboratory that uses hundreds animals like them for research purposes. At just 1 month old, however, keepers there deemed them to be "excess," and they were slated to be euthanized like their lives had no worth.

Fortunately, not everyone saw things that way. An unidentified staffer at the lab figured out a way to get Pinky, Brain, Miss Bianca and Tanya to safety.

They were soon placed under the care of the Beagle Freedom Project, an organization best known for rescuing and rehoming dogs used for lab testing. From there, the rescued mice soon found a forever home with an adopter named Kim.

Beagle Freedom Project

Without the intervention of those kindhearted heroes along the way, these four mice would never have known the simple pleasures of life - like the peace and comfort they're now enjoying each and every day.

"They love to be held," Kim told The Dodo. "They come running to my hand when I open the cage and all four will climb in my hand at once. They love to run in their wheel. They love exploring new things, so they get a new setup in their cage every few days. They come running to check out whatever I put in the cage. A handful of paper and cotton will keep them busy for hours while they tear it all apart and make new beds with it."

To learn more about fostering or adopting animals rescued from labs, visit the Beagle Freedom Project.