Floyd Mayweather Is Officially A Giant Asshole To Animals

World champion boxer Floyd Mayweather may have ended his professional career in the sport undefeated, but outside the ring he's proven time and time again to be a world-class loser - notably for his long history of violence toward women. This week, he's given the world yet another clear reason to dislike him.

Turns out, he's an asshole to animals, too.

Mayweather, who is currently training in Moscow, made headlines this week for two separate revelations of just how little he cares for other creatures, displays so gaudy one can only assume he wants everyone to cringe. Exhibit A is this photo Mayweather posted to Instagram showing him lounging with a leashed tiger cub, whom he was given as a gift and apparently plans to keeps as his pet.

In case Mayweather's followers were uninformed about why keeping a tiger as a pet is such an awful thing, inherently cruel and linked to the devastating decline of this species in the wild, he goes on to describe the animal as "rare." Even sports bloggers have raised questions about the tiger's care, agreeing that keeping her as a pet is a bad idea.

The same day Mayweather unveiled the tiger, other media reports turned their attention to another instance of animal-related indecency show by the boxer.

Video posted on Twitter by a Russian journalist shows Mayweather strutting about in a chinchilla fur coat, a lavishly cruel symbol of wealth that required dozens of animals to be slaughtered and skinned to make.

Again, even sports bloggers took notice of the wanton garment.

"That's a lot of chinchillas," wrote the Bleacher Report. "That's probably all of them, actually."

Mayweather's reputation as a batterer of women has done little to dissuade his fans from watching his fights, so it's unlikely that the fact he's uncaring toward animals will either. But for a person who so loudly touts his winningness in the ring, it is only fitting that we stop to remember that he's actually quite the loser in life.