Cat Reacts To Flower In Most Dramatic Way Possible

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Cats are pretty durable creatures. They're constantly exploring and getting themselves stuck, and yet they always seem to make it out OK. They do have nine lives, after all. This one cat was faced with a foe, however, that he just couldn't overcome: a flower.

That's right. This cat is presented with a flower, and though the flower seems harmless, it renders this cat motionless and completely incapable of being a cat. How on earth did it do that?

It starts off innocent enough. A dancing flower - what could be dangerous about that? Psh.


Then the cat's friend puts the flower on his head ... and he suddenly can't really move.


And then the friend LEAVES the flower on the cats head and OH MY GOSH HE'S COMPLETELY BROKEN.


The flower BROKE the cat. Will the cat ever get the flower off his head? Will he ever be a real cat again? The world may never know.

Good luck, cat. We're rooting for you!

Watch the whole video of this flower breaking this cat below!

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