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Flood Victim Teen Takes Time Out To Rescue Giant Fish

After a flash flood deluged one suburban neighborhood in northern Ohio earlier this week, leading residents to seek out higher ground, one kindhearted teenager headed in the opposite direction, just to help out a fish.

While the sight of an exposed 3-foot long carp unable to escape in the ankle deep water might have had some folk thinking with their stomachs, such wasn't the case for Jake Sawyer. To him, that fish needed saving.

Soon enough, the 16-year-old North Royalton resident ventured out into the flood to carry it back to the safety of a nearby pond.

"I think our only option was to put it in the pond," he says, hinting that there was perhaps a brief moment where he hesitated to set it loose, though wisely he did.

"I mean, I could've put it in my pool, but it would've died."