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Puppies Terrified Of Being Rescued Now Bouncing Off The Walls

Nothing ever seems as hopeless when you have a friend by your side.

When five puppies were born on the streets in California, they were OK at first because they had their mother ... but one day she left, and never came back.

Rescuers who came to help the puppies suspect that the mother was either injured while trying to find food for the puppies or had been rescued by someone who didn't know about her family. Regardless, their mom was gone, and the tiny siblings desperately needed help.

Lucky Puppy Rescue and Hope For Paws teamed up to help rescue the gang of puppies - but even with two groups working together, the rescue turned out to be much more difficult than they thought it would be.

As soon as rescuers tried to get close to the puppies, they became fearful and retreated into the bushes.

Rescuers tried to coax the puppies with food and soothing words, but they had been on their own for weeks and only trusted each other.

Finally, the first two puppies were caught and brought to safety ... which only caused the others to retreat farther into the bushes.

The puppies lay quietly in the bushes without moving, making it almost impossible for their rescuers to find them. Rescuers from Hope For Paws knew they had to take drastic measures, and crawled on top of each other into the bushes in an attempt to find the terrified three.

The puppies were huddled up on top of each other in the dark, not daring to move, so unsure of their fate ...

... but their curiosity got the better of them, and they began to move closer to their rescuers, until one more was caught ...

... and then another ...

... until finally, all three remaining puppies were rescued and safe.

Some of the puppies screamed out of fear because they had never been touched by humans before. They were absolutely terrified of being rescued ... until they realized how absolutely wonderful it actually was.

YouTube/Hope For Paws

Within only two days of being rescued, the puppies who had been too scared to even move were now happy and thriving. These happy babies are now more than ready to be adopted, and never have to worry about being alone and abandoned ever again.

Check out the full video of this incredible rescue below:

If you're interested in adopting on of these adorable puppies, you can contact Lucky Puppy Rescue to get started.