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They Were 5 Famous Lion Brothers Until Someone Killed One Of Them

A group of five famous lion brothers is now four, after the lion named Harry was shot and killed by a farmer in Namibia, according to Desert Lion Conservation.

The exact details of the incident are still unclear.

Warning: Disturbing content below

"A King has vanished," the group wrote on Facebook on Tuesday. "It is with great sadness to share the news that we have lost one of the 'Five Musketeers.'"

The "Five Musketeers" are brothers made famous by a 2015 documentary, "Vanishing Kings," about the highly endangered desert lions, who have adapted to the arid and empty desert landscape in southwestern Africa.

"Together they grew up in the safety of the Hoanib Valley, but since they joined a pride of lionesses earlier this year they've been brought into regular contact with some rural settlements in the desert," the DLCF wrote.

This regular contact with people proved fatal for Harry, who died of a bullet wound to the chest on June 12.

Two of the other lions in the group, which was observed at sunset that same day, also showed signs of injuries. Adolf had a wound on his cheek and Ben appeared to have been shot in the lower stomach, according to DLCF.

"His loss is a tragedy and the harsh reality of lions and people living side by side," the DLCF wrote.

The Ministry of Environment & Tourism was informed of the developments, and a number of groups are working together to defuse the tense situation that pits human settlements against the wild animals who call the region home.

Only 150 desert lions are left in Namibian desert.