These Guys Were Out Fishing When Suddenly — Kittens

Two men out enjoying a day of fishing made the catch of a lifetime over the weekend - one that saved the lives of two unlikely "keepers."

Facebook/Jason Frost
Facebook/Jason Frost

Jason Frost and his friend Brandon Key were rod fishing in the Warrior River in Alabama on Saturday when they spotted something they could hardly believe. As the pair floated along in their boat, they spied in the distance a tiny orange kitten swimming toward them at full speed, seemingly from out of nowhere.

Frost, clearly befuddled, plucked the animal from the water to safety. Then, moments later, another kitten joined the first and was likewise saved.

"Never in my life have I seen anything like that," Frost said in a video of the incident.

It's unclear where the kittens came from, but given the remote location where they were found, Frost suspects they had been abandoned by some cruel person. Fortunately, the kittens' bold bid for attention from the passing fishermen couldn't have gone more smoothly, and it ultimately got them what they needed most.

After bringing the kittens back to shore, the fishermen met a young family who offered to give them a home - providing a happy ending to what is easily one of the most unfathomable fishing stories ever told.