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Fishermen Accidentally Catch A Shark, Then Risk Their Lives To Save It (Video)

Fishermen in Coral Bay, Australia recently reeled in more than they were bargaining for -- but didn't hesitate to risk life and limb making things right. When the group realized that they had accidentally caught a 12-foot-long Tiger shark, thrashing on the shoreline, they sprung into action.

The men calmed the shark by placing a towel over its eyes, then set about carefully removing the hook with a pair of pliers before dragging the animal back out into the surf.

Interestingly, the group's bold efforts to save a shark comes at a time when Australian politicians are debating whether or not to kill them. Recent shark attacks off the nation's coast have prompted calls that the animals be culled, a controversial move that's been criticized as an emotional over-reaction.

Judging by this crowd's reaction to this rescue, however, there are still many people who prefer to see them alive and free.