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Firefighters Pull Ferret Out Of A Burning House — Then Save His Life

Not only was a Washington family at risk early Tuesday, when a fire blazed on inside their home, but their pets were in danger as well.

In addition to dogs, the residence, located in the city of Vancouver, was also home to a cat ... and a ferret. Firefighters rushed to bring the family and their beloved animals to safety.

The ferret, whose name is Jonesy, had trouble breathing after inhaling smoke - but thankfully, firefighters had pet-sized oxygen masks in tow, which are helpful in resuscitating animals.

Thanks to the rescuers who gave him oxygen, Jonesy is reported to be doing just fine now.

"We're thrilled he will make a full recovery," the Vancouver Fire Department wrote in a recent Facebook post.

The dogs and humans were also able to make it out without injury. However, in the aftermath, the family cat went missing, according to local news outlet KATU.

Investigators are currently looking into what sparked the fire, which reportedly began in the kitchen.

Here are some tips on how you can ensure your pet's safety during a fire.

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