Stray Pit Bull Stuck In Tire Is Set Free ... And Gets A Sweet Surprise

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A stray pit bull mix got some help after getting herself caught in a sticky situation this week.

An Indianapolis woman who feeds a sweet neighborhood stray she calls Jimma came home Friday to find the dog had gotten her head stuck in a tire rim on the property next door. Unable to free Jimma herself, the woman loaded both the dog and the tire into her car and drove straight to a nearby fire station.

"For 10 minutes, the crew at station 5 made several attempts to ease the dog's head back out of the hole by utilizing liquid soap and then oil," the Indianapolis Fire Department posted on its Facebook page on Friday. "Neither of these attempts worked."

So the firefighters decided to do everything they could to help Jimma - calling in a team equipped with the tools they needed to cut her free.

"As several firefighters worked to free the dog, others including IEMS Medic 5 used calming hands and voices to keep the dog from confronting her rescuers," the department posted. "Several times throughout the process, the dog turned skittish and firefighters had to allow the dog a minute to calm down before continuing."

Finally, after an hour of careful work, Jimma was cut free from the tire. And the best part of her rescue is that she went home with the woman who brought her in!

At the end of her rescue a "very happy" Jimma was no longer stuck in a tire, and, thanks to the kindhearted humans who stepped in to help her, she finally has a home.