Firefighter Saves Pit Bull From Burning Home

This is the kind of compassion that turns ordinary people into heroes.

A firefighter responding to a call about a house fire in Norristown, Pennsylvania, earlier this month rushed in to discover there was no one inside the home ... except the family's beloved 9-year-old pit bull, Dewey.

The firefighters entered the smoke-filled home, but with their gear on, "the dog was afraid of them, barked and then ran upstairs into the fire," Chief Tom O'Donnell told The Dodo.

Dewey ran straight into the smokiest part of the home. Firefighters followed him and found him lying unconscious on the floor. Before they even began to fight the flames, they scooped Dewey up and brought him to safety on the street outside.

Then, Officer Chris Narkin carefully gave him oxygen to help his damaged lungs recover. Thanks to the rescue and care, Dewey didn't need any extra medical attention and was able to "walk away from the scene," the Times-Herald reports.

Firefighters also managed to get the blaze under control. Sadly, the residents of this home returned to find much of it damaged by smoke and water - but more importantly, their beloved pet was safe.

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