It was a slow day yesterday for firefighters in Forest Grove, Oregon, so when a call came in reporting that a cat may be in need of help, Capt. Tony Carter and his crew decided to check it out. Little did he know, however, that by the end of the day he'd do more than just save a life -- he'd actually add to his own.

A resident had reported hearing the sound of a cat meowing from within a giant, 20-by-20 foot pile of yard debris, but it was so thick with hedge clippings and brambles that it was impossible to see where the animal was. So, Carter and his team began their search, and after 45 minutes they discovered a tiny white kitten that had likely been abandoned.

Rescuers then took the frightened cat to a local vet for evaluation, but not before a smitten Carter took a photo of the cat to send to his wife. 

Most ownerless kittens are ultimately put down, but luckily it wasn't long before this cat found a loving home. Carter and his family decided to open their home to the needy feline -- effectively saving its life twice in one day.

“I wasn’t really looking for another cat,” he told Oregon Live. “But it was a hard thing to pass up.”