Firefighter Reads 'Cat In The Hat' To Comfort Skunk Trapped In Dumpster

He adapted the story just for him.

Firefighters typically have no shortage of rescue equipment needed to save lives - but few things come in handy quite like a compassionate heart.

Just ask this skunk who got stuck but found a friend to help him through it.

Cimarron Hills Fire Department

The frightened little animal was discovered this week with his head trapped inside a drainage hole at the base of a dumpster in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Considering the species' stinky defense mechanism, some folks might have shied away from stepping in to help. Fortunately, first responders from the Cimarron Hills Fire Department weren't so easily deterred - but getting the skunk freed would be no easy task.

Cimarron Hills Fire Department

In order to remove the skunk's head without causing him injury, the fire crew decided to widen the hole using an electric saw - clearly a stressful affair for all involved.

But it's what happened behind the scenes that shows the full extent of how much they cared.

Cimarron Hills Fire Department

While crews toiled away outside, one firefighter actually hopped inside the dumpster with one goal in mind.

Sitting amid the garbage, he began to read to the skunk to calm his nerves throughout the ordeal.

The book? "The Cat in the Hat" - which was "partially translated to the skunk and the dump," says the fire department.

Cimarron Hills Fire Department

We're happy to report that all ended well in this storybook rescue. After 45 minutes, the animal was finally freed - all thanks to the work of firefighters who kept both his body and mind at ease.

Who could have guessed a story about a skunk could be so sweet?