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Firefighters Rush In When They Hear Tiny Cries Coming From Sewer

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Sometimes it takes a village to save a kitten. That was certainly the case for this rescue out of Clayton, North Carolina, on Monday. Four-year-old Camden Tolley and his mom were walking by the town's library when they heard tiny cries coming up out of the storm drain nearby.

They called the fire department, which sent over a team to investigate.


Firefighters spotted a tiny, wet black kitten struggling in the depths of the storm drain. With rain in the forecast, they knew the water was going to rise quickly. The firefighters needed to get the kitten out, and fast. Daryle Harris strapped a light on his helmet and went down after the little kitten.


After some gentle coaxing, Harris got ahold of the frightened kitten and passed him up and into the waiting arms of animal control officer Angela Lee, who was also on the scene. "The kitten's paws were rubbed raw from its attempts to climb out of the drain," the Clayton Fire Department posted on Facebook.


It's impossible to know how long the kitten was down in the storm drain, crying and afraid, before Camden heard his cries. But the little hero and his mom were there to watch as the kitten whose life they saved was dried off and comforted.

"Lee will work with area rescues to help find a home for the animal," the fire department posted on Facebook, so hopefully soon, this little kitten will have a cozy home where he can stay warm and dry for the rest of his life.


These aren't the only firefighters to go above and beyond to help rescue an animal trapped in a storm drain.

Check out the whole kitten rescue below: