Firefighter Carries Injured Dog All The Way Down A Mountain

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Like thousands of dogs all across the country, Rue had a pretty scary holiday this Fourth of July. The one-and-a-half year old vizsla got spooked by the sound of fireworks in her Salt Lake City neighborhood on Saturday afternoon and bolted into the nearby mountains.

Hikers discovered Rue the next day on a trail, frightened, thirsty and nursing injured paws. She was three miles from her home. They called the Salt Lake City fire department and a crew of firefighters hiked up to where Rue had been found.


Realizing she was too tired and hurt to walk down by herself, firefighter Tony Stowe lifted Rue up on his shoulders and began to hike down the mountain.


The Salt Lake City fire department posted some photos online of the rescue, including some group shots of Rue and her rescuers stopping to drink some water - and enjoy the view.


The firefighters delivered Rue safely to Animal Services, where a microchip scan led them straight to her worried family. Rue and her humans were happily reunited, and the lucky pup can now claim a bunch of new friends in the local fire department.