Little Injured Fox Drags His Legs To Man Who Can Help Him

Finn the fox was not giving up.

Even though he was in a ditch. And could barely walk. There was a man up ahead, and Finn was determined to drag himself toward him.

National Fox Welfare Society

The man, named Muhammad, was working as a security guard, and he gave the little fox something to nosh on while he called for help. By the time wildlife rescuers arrived, Finn could barely move: "The little cub just rolled on his back, unable to run away," the National Fox Welfare Society, in the U.K., wrote on Facebook.

National Fox Welfare Society

His rescuers took him home and offered him some toast with honey, of which he gladly partook. His love of eating - even when it's not actual food - would soon become clear, but for now, they needed to take care of one of his back legs, which was broken.

While he waited for the surgery, he spent his time on pain meds and enjoying specially made meals of honey drizzled over chicken. He was also given a new best friend: a stuffed bunny to snuggle with.

National Fox Welfare Society

Here he is the day of his operation, looking just a bit nervous with Dr. Adrian O'Shea at The Avenue Vets – Kettering.

National Fox Welfare Society

But everything went well, and it turns out that Finn likely didn't injure himself in an accident - the fracture was probably due to malnutrition. Which explains why he was suddenly so keen on eating: He hadn't been able to find many good meals on his own.

"The fracture is also not a recent one, i.e., just a week," the National Fox Welfare Society wrote. "It was done some time ago, so it is possible mum could have dumped this little one knowing something was wrong."

As of Tuesday, Finn was well on the road to recovery - and still hungry. "Little Finn the fox cub was up and waiting yesterday evening for his cooked chicken supper, and despite the ordeals of the day, devoured the lot," the society said.

He also spent some more time snuggling with his stuffed bunny.

National Fox Welfare Society

And then a minor tragedy struck: Finn accidentally ate his new best friend. Oops. Sometimes your appetite just gets the best of you.

National Fox Welfare Society

If you'd like to donate to the care of Finn and other foxes like him, make a donation to the National Fox Welfare Society through its website.

Watch another injured fox be rescued here: