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Finch Feeds Tangled Bird For Days Until Rescue Arrives

After a finch became tangled in electric wiring, dangling upside-down atop a utility pole, all hope of survival might have seemed lost for the little creature. Passersby in Bento Ferreira, Brazil watched helplessly as the bird chirped in distress -- but soon discovered it was not alone.

According to Globo News, locals were surprised to find that the bird was being attended to by another, suspected to be its mother. For three days, the friendly bird brought food for the finch to eat in its beak, preventing it from starving to death.

Residents called the Environmental Police to assist the animal, but were told that it was beyond their jurisdiction. Thankfully, employees from the electricity company eventually agreed to help and were able to deliver the bird to safety, alive thanks to loyalty of its companion.

Here's a news broadcast of the rescue, in Portuguese: