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Ferret Gets Stuck. Turns Around. Gets Stuck Even More.

Why did the ferret cross the fence? Same reason as the chicken. But then why did he turn back?

A supposedly runaway ferret was walking along a road in West Yorkshire, U.K., when he attempted to walk through a thin, wire fence.

That's when he got himself stuck, according to a Daily Mail article. And in an attempt to free himself, he then crossed back through the fence to only become doubly trapped.

With wire mesh surrounding his shoulders and waist, the ferret was unable to move.

Luckily, a woman spotted the ferret and called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), who were quick to respond to the scene.

With sedatives and metal-clippers in hand, the rescue team calmed the ferret and firefighters removed the section of the fence surrounding his small body.

They then transported him to Abbey House Veterinary Hospital (AHVH) where veterinarian Laura Smith worked to get him free.

In addition to removing the fence from his body, AHVH also gave him a fitting name: Whoops.

"All in all [the procedure] took around 15 minutes, and after we monitored him overnight he was doing so well we released him back to the RSPCA to take him to a rehoming centre," Smith told the Daily Mail.

In the time that he's been under the care of RSCPA, nobody has claimed him as a lost pet, so Whoops has been relocated to the South Cheshire Ferret Rescue.

Don't let this minor setback get you down, little ferret. Remember that it's OK to get stuck sometimes, and if anyone tells you otherwise, you tell them the story of how you earned the name "Whoops."

If you're interested in adopting Whoops or any of the other rescued ferrets, visit South Cheshire Ferret Rescue's Facebook for more information.

You can also click here to learn more about how you can support the work of the RSPCA.

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