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Feisty Puppies Chase GoPro Camera Around Their Backyard

If you're going to be stampeded by something, the best scenario in the world would undoubtedly be a stampede of puppies - which is exactly what one GoPro user experienced one sunny afternoon.

These dachshund puppies were so excited to venture outside, that they couldn't help but pounce and paw at the camera as it followed them along.

Racing through the grass on short legs can be quite the feat, unless you're a nimble little adventurer! The tall grass is just a new jungle to explore.

Dandelion beasts are overtaken and conquered easily!

Oh, but the most important task cannot be ignored: STAMPEDING.

Dachshunds are very lively little dogs who are known for being courageous, so it's no wonder that these little pups aren't the least bit intimidated by the presence of the camera.

You can watch the full playtime session below:

(YouTube: Sam Nevens)

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