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Feisty Bulldog Puppy Takes On A New Enemy: The Ice Cube

Rugby the bulldog puppy absolutely does not know what to do about this ice cube he found. Why is this bit of cold just sitting on the floor? Shouldn't it be doing something? Anything?

Maybe it wants to play! And yet, whenever Rugby tries to engage the bit of ice, he gets no response whatsoever. So rude!

Rugby does not trust this icy fiend. No way. He doesn't trust it any farther than he can throw it ... Or nudge it with his paw, rather.

Time to intimidate it by pouncing. No one can stay frosty in the presence of such impressive intimidation.
... And yet, somehow this ice cube does.

Okay, ice cube. Enough of your hijinks. Get out of here with your weirdness!

It's okay, Rugby. Once you grow a little bit, no ice cube will dare mess with you. This corgi knows how you feel.

Watch the full battle below: