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Fearless Man Kindly Convinces 'Big Ass' Bear To Take A Hike

<p> <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLcQesXl7q8" target="_blank">YouTube/Vance Hopkins</a> </p>

All too often, bears who wander into areas inhabited by humans are simply killed outright, a knee-jerk reaction that fails to honor their basic right to life. But fortunately, there are some folks who know that they needn't resort to violence when dealing with these easily spooked animals.

Video has emerged showing one fearless (and unwisely overzealous) man's much more humane approach to handling a wayward brown bear. The animal, whose size is aptly described as "big ass," had taken up a cozy spot beneath a porch and was less than eager to give up his spot - but his human challenger refused to back down.

"I got pepper spray, not that it's a big can," says the man, choosing to resolve the situation with words instead.

YouTube/Vance Hopkins

Despite bears' ruthless reputation, the sleepy squatter seems more confused than angry at the man's gall for trying to give him the boot. Still, lest he vacate his place under the porch without a semblance of a fight, the bear does make a couple of mock advances.

YouTube/Vance Hopkins

At that point, most people might flee in fear, driven by their instincts of self-preservation. The person filming, however, seems oddly unfazed.

Sure enough, the bear - no doubt feeling cornered and uncomfortable with all the unwanted attention - decides to move along on his own, hopefully to somewhere far away from pesky, camera-wielding humans. Before he goes, though, he lets it be known that he's still boss by leaving a stinky memento on the property he'd been forced to leave.

Warning: Video contains strong language.

While we would never advocate anyone take such a brazen approach to dealing with a bear, particularly when a direct conflict could reasonably be avoided, the footage above does reaffirm that a nonlethal approach can indeed be effective.

In fact, wildlife officials say bear encounters can often be resolved peacefully just by scaring them away - leaving wildlife and humans alike to live another day.