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People Love This Chick So Much They Wouldn't Let Him Stay Sick

Bean might just be the strongest rooster on earth.

When he was just a few days old, Bean escaped from his family's backyard in California. They feared the worst: that their backyard chick had been eaten by a predator.

A week later, Bean miraculously waddled back to them - but he was in terrible shape.

Farm Sanctuary

They tried treating him, but his condition was too difficult. They feared he had neurological issues and that he was suffering.

Finally, they decided to take him to the vet to be put down. But on the way to the vet, they saw Farm Sanctuary, a rescue organization that has a branch in Northern California. Bean deserved another chance to live, so they stopped there.

Farm Sanctuary

But even the veterinarian at Farm Sanctuary said Bean might need to be put down. He seemed just too far gone.

Amazingly enough, however, Bean escaped death yet again.

The staff at Farm Sanctuary had fallen in love with him. They thought they'd give him another shot at recovery.

Bean couldn't eat on his own, so they fed him. He couldn't stand up, so they made a sling for him. People worked around the clock to keep Bean alive.

Farm Sanctuary

"We knew there was a very guarded prognosis," Tara Hess, shelter manager of Farm Sanctuary, said. "But because of how much this little chick had already endured, we wanted to give him a fighting chance."

And that fighting chance made all the difference for the sick chick.

Bean is now all grown up. Not only can he can walk and eat on his own - he's even the leader of a flock of rescued chickens.

Farm Sanctuary

Now Bean, who once had to be fed by hand, holds berries in his beak and feeds his chicken girlfriends - all 16 of them.

Farm Sanctuary

After the dangers Bean's seen, he's also very protective of the hens.

"He is never far from his flock, making sure he always has a watchful eye out for any dangers they could face. He is a valiant protector," Farm Sanctuary wrote on Tumblr. "Bean takes his role as a protector very seriously. If there are ever any birds of prey in the area Bean lets out a very specific crow, which lets everyone know they should run inside."

Farm Sanctuary

To help support Farm Sanctuary's rescued animals you can make a donation here:

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