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Dog Is Completely Obsessed With Looking After His Tiny Duck

Farley, an Australian shepherd, is known as the "manager" of New Jersey's Funny Farm Rescue.

Funny Farm Rescue

That's because he's more than just a dog - he's the one who makes it his responsibility to take care of all the other animals at the rescue, no matter how big ...

Funny Farm Rescue

... or small.

Funny Farm Rescue

Farley first arrived to the rescue as a foster, given that his original owners were unable to continue caring for him, Laurie Zaleski, founder of the rescue, told The Dodo. However, Zaleski soon realized that she had grown too attached to see Farley anywhere else but at the farm - so it became his permanent home.

Funny Farm Rescue

With his new forever home, Farley gained a new forever family as well. While he proves to be a good sport with all of the animals at the farm today, that wasn't always the case.

Farley and Zaleski | Funny Farm Rescue

Since the 9-month-old pup is a herding dog, Farley couldn't break that habit right away.

Farley leading the crew | Funny Farm Rescue

"I had to teach him, 'No, you're not allowed to herd around these animals; these are rescues,'" she said. "They've already been through enough and the last thing they need is a dog herding them."

Farley checking in on a rescue kitten | Funny Farm Rescue

Rather than view the animals as beings to round up, Farley learned to care for them as siblings.

Farley playing lifeguard to Doodle the duck | Funny Farm Rescue

It didn't take long for him to catch on from there.

Farley really loves his baby ducks | Funny Farm Rescue

Now Farley is not just the most caring dog on the farm, but he's also the most patient.

Funny Farm Rescue

Zaleski said he's able to put up with a lot. Whether it's baby birds pecking at him or having to get in the middle of a turkey and peacock to prevent a fight, nothing seems to faze him.

Funny Farm Rescue

Farley seems to be especially good around baby birds and kittens.

Funny Farm Rescue

There's nothing he enjoys more than cleaning them up with his tongue.

Funny Farm Rescue

More recently, Farley's remained at the side of a goat named Cowboy who's currently healing from a broken leg, providing the young goat much-needed company and comfort.

Funny Farm Rescue

"He just wants to help everyone," Zaleski said. "He's a sweetheart of a dog. He's in love with people and all animals."

Funny Farm Rescue

Want to help the Funny Farm Rescue continue doing good work for animals in need? Consider making a donation here.

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