This Handmade Feather Cat Toy Will Give Your Pet Hours Of Fun

And learn how to make your very own catnip spray!

Although your cat may sleep a lot, chances are she loves to play when she’s up and active! And if your cat gets excited when feather wand toys come out, then she’ll love this DIY feather toy you can make with a few pieces of felt and some string.

We’ll also be making our very own catnip spray to make these toys that much more enticing! Catnip contains a specific oil, nepetalactone, that makes cats go wild. When cats smell this oil, it sends a signal to their brains that they’re super happy — so much so that they’ll meow, rub on things, purr and sometimes zone out completely!

And did you know that big cats like tigers and lions react the same way to catnip?

If you’re ready to give your cat hours of fun, then let’s dive into this craft!

Click here to print your cat toy template:

If the catnip scent on your feather toy fades, you can respray your felt pieces with the catnip tea, which should keep in the fridge for about three to five days. Your cat is about to have oodles of feather-toy fun!

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