Learn To Weave By Making Your Own Mini Yarn Cat Bed

These beds look SO cozy!

Those of you who live with cats know that they can sleep a lot! And that means they’re constantly looking for the coziest spot in your house to cuddle up in. To make sure our DIY rocking cats have a place to call their own, we’ll be making comfy mini cat beds out of yarn and paper plates.

So, just how many hours do cats sleep each day? Most cats sleep anywhere between 12 and 20 hours per day, depending on how old they are! Kittens and older cats sleep the most, with baby kittens actually sleeping more than 20 hours per day in order to have the energy to grow up big and strong.

Cats sleep for so long because their ancestors needed to conserve energy to catch their dinner in the wild — it takes a lot of energy to jump, run, pounce and climb! And the position in which they’re sleeping can say a lot about how they’re feeling. If they’re belly-up, for example, they’re totally relaxed. And if they’re in “loaf mode,” with their paws tucked under their body, then they probably only plan on taking a short nap.

Ready to get building? Here’s what you need to get started.

And if you haven’t made your cute rocking cats yet, you can learn how to make them here!

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