How To Make An Animal Pencil Topper

The perfect homework buddy ❤️️

It can be hard to leave our pets at home when it’s time to go back to school. But just because you’re getting on the bus doesn’t mean you can’t take an animal friend with you.

You can bring your favorite animal into the classroom right on top of your #2 pencil with one of these DIY animal pencil toppers. Whether you’re doing homework, taking a multiple-choice test or writing in a diary, these animal buddies are happy to cheer you on. This quick and easy craft is perfect for students and their parents to tackle together and only takes a few minutes. To get started, pick from one of these three animals:

  • Classy Koala: Koalas live in Australia and spend most of their time hanging out on trees. These fluffy marsupials eat a lot of eucalyptus leaves each day, and have strong paws to help them climb to the very top of the trees where the tastiest leaves are. After a large meal, they nap for 18 hours!
  • Spunky Monkey: There are over 200 different kinds of monkeys, and they live all over the world in tropical rainforests. Monkeys show their friends how much they care by picking bugs and dirt out of their fur. These intelligent animals also have opposable thumbs (just like us!) which allow them to play games and even use tools.
  • Silly Sloth: If you look up at a tree in Central or South America, you might see a sloth hanging out. But they can be pretty hard to spot because algae grows on their fur, turning them green, which helps them blend in with their surroundings. These slow animals spend about 15 hours a day napping — and only come down out of the trees once a week to go to the bathroom. Just think of all the extra studying (and playing) you could do if you only took one bathroom break a week!

Now that you’ve picked your animal, here’s how to craft an animal pencil topper and make writing even more fun.

Materials for DIY animal pencil topper
How to make an animal pencil topper

Download the furry friend you want to add to your pencil below and start crafting!