Show Loved Ones You’re Thinking Of Them With These Balloon Elephant Cards

They're perfect for any occasion ❤️

It’s always a great time to show someone you’re thinking about them by sending them a sweet note. And it’s even more special when that message is delivered in a card you’ve made. Next time you have a few free minutes, try making this collection of unique and adorable elephant cards using cardstock or construction paper and balloons as your elephant’s face!

An elephant is the perfect animal to put on a “thinking of you” greeting card because it’s true that an elephant never forgets (well, most of the time!). Scientists who study African elephants found that the matriarch — the oldest female elephant who leads the herd — is able to remember friends, enemies and locations where the herd found food and water in the past.

Scientists believe that elephants have such great memories because they have large brains. On average, an elephant’s brain weighs about 11 pounds and is actually similar to a human brain in that they can exhibit grief and self-awareness, play with toys, use tools and create art.

Speaking of creating art — let’s get to work on these balloon elephant cards! Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

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